Name Etsumi Hanaryuu Go Kaijusou
Reg. # AKIHO 17-1466 / UKC P828-820
Sex Female
Color Brindle

E/e may contribute colored or white
kbr/ky may contribute brindle or red
L/L will contribute normal coat, cannot contribute long coat

Born January 9th, 2017

OFA Hips: Excellent, January 14th 2019
OFA Eyes: Normal, January 14th 2020 (also 2017, 2019)

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Kuraokami was our pick puppy from Kaiju Kennels Litter E 2017 out of Toramaru and Mosura. She lives in California with our co-owner Bailey and cats Glissa and Geth. She is one of our show dogs; click here for information about her upcoming litters.


  • Etsumi Hanaryuu Go Kaijusou
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