Puppy Questionnaire

If you are interested in purchasing a Japanese Akita or Hokkaido, please fill out our questionnaire below. You can also print the questionnaire and mail it to us if you prefer. This is not a sales contract or adoption application and no deposit is required with your questionnaire. This form lets us know what kind of dog you are looking for and what your lifestyle is like so that we can inform you when an upcoming litter might suit your needs.

There are no wrong answers on the questionnaire; we simple want to get to know you and your ideal puppy. The more detailed and honestly you answer the questions, the better we will be able to match the right puppy with you. After a litter is born, we will follow up with more detailed questions to fine tune your puppy criteria.

Please realize that this is in no way a commitment on your part to purchase a puppy from us or on our part to place a puppy in your home. There is no way to know exactly what sex, color, or quality the puppies in a litter will be before they are whelped. We will contact you if we think an upcoming litter could include a puppy that fits your criteria. You will be asked to fill out a full application at that time.