Name UKC CH Mizuki Go Kousetsusou RATI
Reg. # AKIHO 14-608 / UKC P774-521
Sex Female
Color Brindle

E/e may contribute colored or white
kbr/kbr will contribute brindle, cannot contribute red
L/L will contribute normal coat, cannot contribute long coat

Born October 19th, 2013

OFA Hips: Good, February 12th 2016
OFA Eyes: Normal, September 14th 2016 (also 2015)


BHA Barn Hunt Instinct, July 31st 2015
UKC Champion, May 23rd 2015

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Godzuki was imported from Okayama Prefecture, Japan. She is one of our show dogs; click here for information about her upcoming litters.


  • Mizuki Go Kousetsusou
    • Riki Go Minatomaru
      • Dairyuu Go Minatomaru
        • Daiyuu Go Misaki Otanisou
        • Tsubomi Go Minatomaru
      • Hana Go Ryuukaen
        • Touryuu Go Minatomaru
        • Fujihime Go Minatomaru
    • Kuromikage Go Kousetsusou
      • Takaryuu Go
        • Torajirou Go Minatomaru
        • Anzu Go
      • Haru Go Ryuukaen
        • Touryuu Go Minatomaru
        • Chinatsu Go Minatomaru

Show History

Specialty Shows
02/07/15 UKC Junior 1st; J. Elizabeth McKennon
02/07/15 UKC Junior 1st, Best Female†; J. Michelle Blackowl-Chavez

Japanese Breed Exclusive Shows
11/01/15 UKC Best Champion; J. Helayne Parker

All-Breed Shows
07/19/15 UKC Reserve Champion; J. Larry Hansen Jr
07/18/15 UKC Reserve Champion; J. Susan Nikkel
07/18/15 UKC Reserve Champion; J. Valerie Piltz
06/14/15 UKC Best Champion†; J. Katherine Shorter
06/13/15 UKC Reserve Champion; J. Cheryl Patterson
05/23/15 UKC Junior 1st, Best Female, Best of Breed†, Group 4; J. Rebecca Harris
05/23/15 UKC Junior 1st, Best Female; J. Janet Fink
01/31/15 UKC Junior 1st, Best Female, Best of Breed†; J. Sandra Phillips

† Competition Win towards Champion/Grand Champion

Performance Trials

Barn Hunt
07/31/15 BHA Instinct Qualifying Run; J. Susan Benkiser