Welcome, Litter E!

Mosura had her litter by c-section at 10:30 am this morning. There is one brindle girl and we have decided to call her River. Mother and pup are doing well so far and settled in snugly in the whelping room.

We expect River’s adult coloration to be similar to Bruno. You can view daily photos of her on our Facebook page and in her own album. And don’t forget to watch her on the puppycam!

River is not available. She may stay with us to be the next generation of Kaiju Kennels, or go to one of our already approved homes.

Mosura’s Litter Guessing Game

Update: Mosura’s puppy was born on January 9th and the game is now over. We received a lot of fantastic guesses; the top three guesses are listed below.

Tain Rose @ 290 points wow!
Guessed a brindle female weighing 465 grams

Tara Clor @ 245 points
Guessed a brindle female weighing 446 grams

Kathy Bretz @ 230 points
Guessed a brindle male weighing 460 grams

Mosura’s puppy is due on January 12th, and we’re having another litter guessing game! You can make a prediction about the puppy’s sex, color, and birth weight. You may make as many guesses as you want. Continue reading