Kaiju Newsletter January 2016

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Adopt a Japanese Akita: Mei

Update January 23rd, 2016: Mei found a forever home in Seattle. We wish her the best!

A red Japanese Akita was brought to the Upland shelter the day before Thanksgiving. She had a broken leg from an injury at least a week old. The shelter did nothing about her leg for nine days until the Japanese Akita Club of America found out about her and began making arrangements to get her into rescue. At that point the shelter decided the most expedient solution would be to completely amputate her leg.

JACA mobilized to raise money for her vet care to get a second opinion and try to save the leg, but it was too late. Less than 24 hours after finally being examined by a vet they amputated it.

The girl was immediatly pulled by A Passion For Paws rescue and funds raised by JACA for her post-surgery care. One of the JACA members named her Megumi, meaning blessing or grace, and she goes by Mei for short. Mei is being fostered by my parents while she heals up.

Mei is an incredibly sweet girl. She followers her foster mom around the house, preferring to be close to people. She is active and playful, showing no signs of pain or that she even realizes her leg is gone. Mei goes nuts to play with children and really wishes she was allowed to run as much as she wants to. She has had limited but positive interaction with another dog living at her foster home but hasn’t been introduced to cats yet. She is still learning house manners.

Mei is available for adoption through A Passion for Paws and is being fostered in Lomita, California. You can contact her foster home by emailing leannafox@aol.com.

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Kaiju Newsletter October 2015

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