In Memoriam of Gryphon

Gryphon has passed. Aaron was with her when it happened. Her numbers started to drop below critical levels and the vet was concerned that she would not last until morning. Rather than let her suffer anymore we decided to let her go. Aaron drove back to be with her and it was quick. She just went to sleep. It was around 3:40 am.

Gryphon was the first dog that my husband and I had together, our first Akita, and the matron of our pack. Gryphon is the reason why we fell in love with Akitas. She had seen three litters of puppies come and go, and she raised many of our import pups to adulthood. King Ghidora will miss her the most, as they have been constant companions since she raised him as a puppy five years ago. No matter what has changed in our pack, Gryphon had been the one constant. She was always so sweet and up beat, and loved absolutely everyone. She wanted nothing more than to make us happy, and tried so hard to wag her tail and put on a smile for us at my last visit with her in the hospital before I had to leave for Premier, despite the obvious pain and weakness. She would have been be nine years old on July 17th. Her illness was so sudden and this was way, way too soon.

Robi’s Snowy White Gryphon – 7/17/2007 – 6/14/2016

Kaiju Newsletter October 2015

Welcome to the fourth issue of the Kaiju Newsletter! It is our goal to get the newsletter out on the 15th of the month. However, October is always really busy around here and this year has not been the exception. We’re very sorry for the delay and hope you enjoy. Continue reading