Snow Day

We took a Gamera and Ebira up to Big Bear Lake to play in the snow for the first time today. Both girls jumped right in without hesitation. Ebira wanted to run around and romp in it, while Gamera was really focused on eating the snow. It was the first time the girls got to interact and it went well all around. After a late lunch we headed back home. Continue reading

Kaiju Newsletter October 2015

Welcome to the fourth issue of the Kaiju Newsletter! It is our goal to get the newsletter out on the 15th of the month. However, October is always really busy around here and this year has not been the exception. We’re very sorry for the delay and hope you enjoy. Continue reading

Annual Health Clearances

We took all five of our current breeding dogs to get their OFA eyes done yesterday. They all passed, although two have persistent pupillary membranes from iris to iris. There are no symptoms associated with PPM so their eye clearances will come back as “breeder option.”

Gamera had her hips X-rayed for OFA today and blood drawn for her OFA thyroid panel. This post will be updated once we know the results, but the vet felt that her hips looked good. Since Gamera is over 2 years old, the score will be official rather than preliminary.

All of our dogs’ health clearances, past and current, are now available on each dog’s individual page. For example, here is King Ghidora.