Kaiju Newsletter October 2015

Welcome to the fourth issue of the Kaiju Newsletter! It is our goal to get the newsletter out on the 15th of the month. However, October is always really busy around here and this year has not been the exception. We’re very sorry for the delay and hope you enjoy. Continue reading

Bag Balm Cures ‘Old Man Elbows’

Dogs can develop calluses on their elbows and other areas of the body, just like people get them on their feet or hands. If you see gray, bare spots on your dog’s elbow, those are calluses. As the dog’s elbow rubs on hard surfaces, hairs break off and the skin underneath becomes scabby or scaly looking. The fur around it may also be a rust-brown color from the dog’s saliva if he licks at it frequently. At our house we call these calluses “old man elbow.” They can be prevented and treated. Continue reading

Available Adult: Batora

Update October 18th, 2015: Batora is going to stay with us as one of our retired house dogs. Thanks everyone who inquired about him!

GRCH HAKUBA NO OUJISAMA GO KOURAIEN, aka Batora, will be available to an approved home this autumn. Batora is an amazing Japanese Akita and excellent example of the breed. He will be three years old in August and currently weighs around 75 pounds at a height of 26½ inches.


Batora has earned many Best of Breed and Group placements in his show career and was Best in Show at the 2014 Nihon Ken Invitational over 42 Japanese dogs. Batora is the 2014 #1 Japanese Akita and competed in the Top Ten Finals at UKC Premier 2015 where he placed second to Mosura. He is also the very first white Grand Champion in the breed, the second male Grand Champion, and the third Grand Champion ever. Batora placed Best of Breed in almost every show he has ever been entered in; he has only been beaten by a AKIHO Tokuyuu dogs, Mosura and Karin. He has beaten each of them in turn.

Batora is neutered but still eligible to compete in Altered Conformation in UKC. He can also be a good dog for a Junior Handler who wants to work with a larger breed.


Hips: OFA Prelim Good at 22 months
Eyes: OFA Clear/Normal
Thyroid: Normal

Batora is a healthy and hearty boy who has never had any problems in the year and a half he has lived with us. He does not have any allergies or food intolerance that we are aware of. However, he is sensitive to fleas and should be treated regularly and always have clean bedding. He is current on Rabies, Distemper, and Parvo vaccines and does not have any adverse reaction to vaccinations or medication.


Batora is a confident, outgoing, and friendly dog. He is a great breed ambassador, with an affable and accepting nature. He is good with children, strangers, cats, and other small pets. He is also very playful with female dogs and will let a girl be the boss of him. Although he behaves himself around male dogs at dog shows, we do not recommend he go to a home with an intact male. Neutered males will be considered on a trial basis. Batora is very social and would prefer at least one canine companion who will enjoy his antics.

As with any Akita, Batora can be very opinionated! He wants to be outside when you want him in, he wants to be inside when you try to get him to go out. He thinks it is a fun game – Batora will bark, play bow, and dance away from you if you try to get a hold of him. He needs a home with a sense of humor as big as his; Japanese dogs do not respond well to punitive methods of training. Batora is well-mannered in the home, other than his tendency to show affection by standing up for hugs or crawling on top of you on the couch.

He is very forgiving of handling mistakes or being put in uncomfortable situations, such as during a vet’s exam. He has never shown a desire to snap at someone, even when surprised or in pain.


Batora is an excellent candidate for any sort of performance sport you may wish to try. He is very smart and, when he’s not reminding you to be humble, generally obedient and eager to please. He is food motivated and easy to train. His joints and muscles are sound, allowing him to do any sort of running, climbing, or weight pulling safely. His sweet and outgoing nature would lend itself well to therapy work. He could also become a Canine Good Citizen once he is used to working with you.


Batora is neutered and cannot be bred.

Price and Shipping

Batora’s price is negotiable, but will take into consideration his show career, exceptional quality, health clearances, and training. We will offer rebates for classes taken and titles earned after he joins your family. You can read up about our typical pricing for puppies for more information.

At this time we are not able to ship due to USDA regulations. Please plan on traveling to Southern California to pick Batora up in person. Feel free to inquire about making other arrangements.

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