Godzuki x Toramaru Breeding

Godzuki and Toramaru mated this morning. Pregnancy check in one month with puppies due late May. Puppies will be brindle, with a chance of white! Please fill out our puppy questionnaire if you’re not already on our list. If you have any questions about this litter feel free to contact us.


Godzuki was a “surprise souvenir” from our 2015 trip to Japan, but we are very happy to have her as part of our family and show team. Godzuki’s great structure and movement, as well as her striking silver brindle markings, has earned her a lot of attention and admiration. We showed her to her UKC Championship within just a couple months of bringing her home and she did exceptionally well at UKC Premier last year.

We call Godzuki our “crazy girl” because she has such high spirits and happy energy about her all the time. She doesn’t just run and play, she cavorts and capers around the yard with the other dogs. She is by far the most agile, nimble, and carefree one among our dogs. Godzuki frequently runs up to us with a winning smile, and it is impossible to resist her infectious happiness; my husband and I relent and give her a good rub down, which seems to be the only time she stands still.

Despite her crazy zoomies, Godzuki is a very easy dog to live with. She settles immediately in the house or in her crate with a good “off switch” for all that energy. Godzuki is not as outgoing as our boys, but generally friendly and accepting of all strangers even kids. She gets along well with most other dogs, too. She is very focused on us and in tune with what we want, making training a breeze. We hope to do more with her in performance soon!


Toramaru (aka Tora) belongs to the Sjobergs of Hyozan Akitas in Texas. Toramaru is half-brother of our first import, Gojira, with an excellent line of Shirai dogs behind him. He has excellent head, expression, and coat that his line is known for and has produced multiple really nice litters at Hyozan.

Some of Toramaru’s offspring have gone on to be show/breeding dogs themselves, and his son ‘Shingen’ is titled in multiple performance events. Toramaru is also father of Kuraokami, our singleton pup from Litter E, who will be a future show dog for our kennel.