Mascot Design Competition

We’re adding a fourth kaiju mascot in honor of adding Hokkaido Ken to our kennel and want YOU to design it!

Not an artist? Not a problem – this isn’t an art contest. Sketch out your idea on paper or your favorite paint program, and label and describe the features to the best of your ability. We will choose our finalists based on the features we like, not how well they are drawn. Even stick figures are okay! The only rule is that it must be a giant monster based off of a sesame Hokkaido Ken.

Enter as many times as you like. Submit your design ideas to by January 15th and we’ll put the best ones to a vote. The winning design will be digitally painted by Viv Tanner in the same style as this graphic. The winner will receive a high quality print of all four of the Kaiju Kennels mascots.