Angirasu x King Ghidora Breeding

Angirasu and King Ghidora mated last night. Pregnancy check in one month with puppies due early March. Each puppy has a 50% chance to be red and 50% chance to be brindle. Please fill out our puppy questionnaire if you’re not already on our list. If you have any questions about this litter feel free to contact us.



Angirasu or Angi is our very first Kaiju puppy. She was born to Bijo and a male dog named Zuigan now living in South America. In fact, Angi traveled from Japan to the US in her mother’s womb; Bijo was one month pregnant when she arrived. We think all of the Litter A pups are pretty fantastic, and among them Angirasu was our pick of the litter.

Angi is an improvement over her mother in height, tail length, white markings, and coat color. The AKIHO judge who graded Angirasu went so far to say that the richness of her red was exactly the right color – not too golden-orange or too burnt-red. But it is her size that really makes her stand out in our breeding program; with trends worldwide towards smaller dogs, especially females, it is nice to have a bitch who is at the ideal height of 24″.

Of all our dogs, Angirasu is the most cuddly and affectionate. She likes to sleep on the bed at night, curled up with her back against mine. Angi seeks out attention and is happiest when she can crawl into my lap and try to lick my face. She is also an active and energetic girl, loving to run, play, and wrestle with the other dogs – she will chase just about anything. She loves taking nosework classes and gets very excited to find stuff and figure out the game.

King Ghidora

King Ghidora (aka Ghidora or KG) has also done really well in multiple show venues. He was awarded Saikoshou and Reserve Supreme from NIPPO-USA, becoming the first and only NIPPO-USA Champion Meiyoshou Japanese Akita. Ghidora earned his Championship from UKC and became the second Grand Champion in the breed ever. He was also #4 in UKC Top Ten for 2014 with an impressive lead over the other Japanese Akita in the Top Ten.

We’ve always said that King Ghidora is our “breed ambassador” because he loves everyone he meets. We take him to conformation shows, pet expos, cross-country trips, and public events where he is happy to schmooze and put on the charm. He is a laid back, mellow, low energy dog that knows how to “go with the flow.” We paired him with Bijo for our Litter B in hopes of getting that same low key temperament and were very happy with the results.

The puppies from King Ghidora’s two previous litters have all grown up now. His daughter, Gamera, became the very first Grand Champion in the breed last year. His son, Bruno, earned his CGC title around the same time. Gamera and Bruno have been getting their health clearances done this year and passed all of them so far. Both are gorgeous, well-adjusted and healthy young dogs, as are their other siblings. We look forward to more of the same from Ghidora for Litter C.