New Grand Champions!

We’re proud to announce that Mosura and Bijo finished their grand championships today. Mosura is now officially known as GRCH AKIHO TOKUYUU HANAE GO SAWADAKA KENSHA TT, and Bijo is officially known as GRCH BIJOZAKURA GO AKITA SHIBATA TT. Mosura took Champion of Champions, Best of Breed, and Group 3 in two shows yesterday and one today. In the fourth show, Bijo defeated Mosura for Champion of Champions and Best of Breed and went on to win Group 3 herself. Godzuki also attended the shows, earning Reserve Champion three times. Thanks to judges Valerie Piltz, Susan Nikkel, Larry Hansen Jr, and Darice Ragan for evaluating our dogs and AKKAOA for putting on a great show.


Yesterday we had thunderstorms and rain and today very hot and muggy today, so we didn’t get a lot of photos. But we did get a few!

We are now taking a break from conformation until 2017; we plan to focus more on Nose Work, Barn Hunt, Lure Coursing, or whatever other performance events our dogs enjoy in the meantime. Hope to see you at the trials!

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